Leaking urine when you cough or sneeze?

Do you have to deal with it?

Conservative Treatment:

Kegel’s exercises which if done over up to 6 months may improve or cure symptoms in some patients.


Traditional Surgeries:

Of many different surgeries over the years, the most
common and successful was the “MMK” or
“Burch” operation involving a painful 4 inch
abdominal incision to suture the bladder to the pubic
bone. This involved a 2 to 3 day hospital stay, a 6 week recovery, and a long term cure rate over 80%.

Newer Minimal Recovery Surgeries:

Several newer and very successful “urethral sling” procedures have
been developed. Of these, the Monarc Subfascial Hammock
procedure clearly stands out because of its high and immediate
success, minimal pain and recovery, and low potential for serious complications.
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